Laughing all the way to the bones


Strange how it works. One minute I was looking forward to sampling Balinese cuisine and the next minute I could only think of pork ribs.

You can try to ignore it, which can be long and painful.

Or you can take the easy way out…like I did.

Entrance to Wahaha

Miss D has kindly offered to take me to a restaurant that served one of the best ribs in Bali (according to here) after hearing my predicament.

It’s a cloudy Sunday afternoon, rain threaten to fall any time soon. Probably why there were no other guests there when I arrived.

As I passed through the door, I could not help but noticed a picture of laughing pig painted on the wall to my left.

Laughing Pig

Although all the empty seats made me worry, Miss D assured me that this place has delicious pork ribs and  is usually crowded at night.

Where are the ribs-lovers?

An old bicycle by the wall, a sewing machine by the table. The place is beautifully decorated.  It felt as if I was looking at Indonesia of old.

I spy with my little eyes a bicycle 

Other than the main dining area, a courtyard is also available for you to dine at. I can only imagine how romantic it will be to dine under the stars (I do wonder about the mosquitoes).

Huge enough, I think

The menu is straightforward enough. There are steak, spaghetti, ribs and the usual Indonesian fares (nasi goreng, mie goreng).

Without hesitation I chose the Pork Ribs while Miss D went for Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Wahaha Pork Ribs Full Slab – sweet, tender and juicy pork ribs marinated with top secret seasonings, served with french fries or rice and boiled corn Rp.100,000

My knife went through the meat easily enough. As I sliced them, I could see some of the meat tore away from the bones. No doubt about the tenderness.

 Ready to eat 

True to the descriptions, the pork ribs are both sweet and tender. The marinate flavor the meat nicely. The sauce is deliciously sweet and a little bit spicy.

Not particularly a fan of boiled corn, I asked if I could exchange it for more fries. Alas, it was not meant to be. The boiled corn is just that…boiled.

The fries provides the solitary crunch in the whole dish.

Chicken Cordon Bleu – stuffed chicken breast with ham & cheese served with french fries & coleslaw Rp.60,000

The chicken meat was tender and juicy but the ham and cheese combination is really the star in this dish. Cheesy and salty, it complements the lightly seasoned chicken meat.

Nice phone 

As the last of the bones was sucked dry, my craving was finally satiated.

Sure I missed out on some fabulous Balinese cuisine but it didn’t matter. At that moment, I was content and that’s all that matter.

JL.Sunset Road Barat No.1689,
Bali, Indonesia 

Having just eaten at one place, I could not say if it is the best in Bali but I’m sure it is one of the better one. If you know a good place, don’t be shy to share.