Bakso Medan Akiaw 99 (Akiaw 99’s Medanese Meatballs)

“There’s nothing brighter than Vegas”, they say… The glittering city invites us to spend some time at its restaurants, casinos, and of course, adult premises. Here in Jakarta, they do have their own ‘Vegas’, called ‘Kota’ (eng: City) with most of the real Vegas’ attributes – except a casino (due to the legality issue).

Mangga Besar, one of the main streets found in Kota; hotels, adult premises, and restaurants filled every empty space available. At night, it should be rather easy for backpackers to spot which hotels/motels they’d want to crash into- usually the average looking, humble yet clean ones. The fancy ones with shimmering lights, well, they’re inviting, but if you are planning a light ‘clean’ trip, let’s just forget about it.
Discotheques are very easy to spot: bright neon lights, loud techno/house music can be heard from outside. Along the street we can see ‘kaki lima’ ( a term used by Indonesian for stands on the street), however kaki limas you see here are rather unusual, since what they’re selling are very specific: sex toys, condoms and viagras.
Plenty of low-mid range restaurants found along the street, which serves mainly traditional Chinese meals such as mie(say:me)/noodles ,kwetiau(say: kway-tee-ow)/rice noodles, bihun(say: bee-hoon/vermicelli,  martabak(mar-ta-buck)/indonesian omelette-like pancake .
They’re worth the try, however, if you by any chance visit Mangga Besar feeling hungry, there’s one place you shouldn’t want to miss:  “Bakso Medan Akiaw 99”

First look at “bakso medan akiaw 99 “
As you can expect from a busy, crowded, high turnover Restaurant, it is never about the look. People go there to eat, and I mean it literally; please don’t mind the dirty walls, floor, boiling temperature. Its just good enough that you find a seat.

Getting prepared

Bakso Medan Akiaw 99 at 9-ish:PM

Pray for a seat

What to order
Obviously, meatballs and beef are its specialty – thus the name. However, we can mix it with other insides such as veins if you have what it takes to try the extraordinary (hey..arent pies made out of those as well)
As for me, I’m a proud meat lover, thus I’m going to stick with just beef, with no meatballs. Then we are to choose what we are having it with: either egg noodles (mie. Say: mee), rice noodle
s (kwetiau. Say: kway thee ow) or vermicelli (bihun. Say:bee-hoon).

Beef served with rice noodles

Mixed – Beef, meatballs and organs such as veins.

As i sunk my teeth into the tender and juicy meat, I felt an unrivaled flavour which I had never tasted. The beef were sweet, salty, and savory at the same time – it was an unexplainable pleasant heavenly taste (not exaggerating here). Unable to halt my appetite, I began to analyse what could have been done to create such food ecstasy. I later found out by taking a glimpse at the so called outdoor kitchen – The meat was covered in meat tenderizer, probably left overnight, thus explaining the salty flavour and the tenderness of it, while the broth, as usual were made by boiling bones and other ‘stuff’. Well for now, forget about the process, let’s just enjoy whatever in front of you.

Address: 2B Mangga Besar Raya,

11160 Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone: (021) 6291419


Environment: 1/5 – Busy, crowded

Clean: 1/5 – Dirty tiles, walls and kitchen

Service: 3/5 – Lots of waitress, quick response

Price: 3.5/5 – Rather expensive for a traditional meal (30.000 Rupiah), but we can understand that

Taste: 5/5 – Unquestionably the best for its kind, must try

Parking area: Yes, plenty of parallel parking space

Branch: Mall Kelapa Gading 3. Eat and Eat food court.

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