My first solo trip to China and I was hooked on travelling.

It’s not my first trip overseas but it was my first trip alone. No family, no tour group to decide where to go. The feeling was exhilarating.  I met plenty of people during my trip and exchanged lots of stories.

In Chengdu, China, I met two friends from Switzerland. Exchanging stories between drinks, we talked about our own countries. From politics to food, we talked about anything that came to mind. Then it dawned on me that I don’t know much about my own countries.

As an archipelago, Indonesia is made up of thousand of islands. Some with its own unique culture and dialects.

This website is here to let you learn more about Indonesia. Part of the fun in travelling is experiencing new things. Hopefully you will find something new here and inspire you to visit Indonesia.

If you any questions, have a story to tell, information to share or want to meet up, send me an email. I read all my emails but may sometimes respond at a later date, no later than three days.

Happy travelling.